Cthulhu 100

Case 010.5 When A God Comes A Calling


After the completion of the previous case, [[Case 010 – The Golden Dawn: Hell Hath No Fury | Case 010 – The Golden Dawn: Hell Hath No Fury]], the investigators settled into their routines. Lilith Harrington read amongst other tomes The Revelations of Glaaki Volume XII, not realising that it was cursed.

One evening when Lord Christopher Chumly was visiting her, there came a knock on the door. Outside was a woman, who Lilith recognised as Lily Allan, the former actress that had been embroiled in the happenings of Case 006 – Bad Company a couple of years before.

Lily was clearly under some sort of possession when she approached Lilith and Chumley and informed them that her master was waiting for them to join him. When asked who her master was, she informed them that it was Y’golonac – Great Old One. She informed Lilith that she had a week to join Y’golonac willingly and that she would return in seven days time.

Fearing for her life, Lilith immediately called a meeting of the other members of the Merriweather Society and it was decided that they would await the arrival of Y’golonac at the old farmhouse that Rupert Merriweather had bequeathed them several years before ( Case 002 – The Edge of Darkness).

Accompanying Lilith at the farmhouse would be Jonathan Asbatch, Edith Wakefield, Yumi, Dr. Arthur Dogget, Captain Isaac Fleming (Ret.) and Chumley. It was decided that Alastar Maloney and Charles Van Winstin Hine would stay away in order that there would definitely be some active members of the society around in case everything went badly, meanwhile both Bob Shire and Penelope Hancock were both still in the asylum.

On the day chosen, the investigators barricaded the farmhouse as well as they possibly could when it was seen that Lily was walking up the path to the house. As she came closer to the house, she was shot down and then the transformation into Y’golonac began.

Y’golonac forced his way into the farmhouse, his target was clearly Lilith as he shrugged off fire from Isaac, Arthur and Chumley. Jonathan managed to get in between Y’golonac and Lilith and was immediately drained as at the same time Y’golonac grabbed Lilith, however fortunately the combined attacks of the other investigators were enough to take Y’golonac out yet again. With the corpse reverting back to that of Lily Allan.



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