Cthulhu 100

Case 011.5 - The Rupert Merriweather Letters #1 and The Agents of the Crown

January 1895

In the early hours of the morning of January 2nd 1895, Alastar Maloney, Bob Shire, Captain Isaac Fleming (Ret.), Jonathan Asbatch, Charles Van Winstin Hine, Edith Wakefield and Takeshi Takemori all received telegrams asking them to come to Lloyds Bank that day at 11:00 am sharp.
When they arrived, it was realised that only those investigators that were founding members of the Merriweather Society had been invited and those that had either made the ultimate sacrifice or were missing were remembered.
At the bank, the clerk instructed them to follow him, leading them to the vaults and to a safety deposit box which he then opened and left to their care. Inside the box they found a letter, which they realised had been written at some time in 1890 by Rupert Merriweather.
The [[Rupert Merriweather Letter # 1 (1895) | Rupert Merriweather Letter # 1 (1895)]] served to give the investigators the thoughts of Rupert Merriweather on four different organisations, The Chapel of Contemplation, The Golden Dawn, The Freemasons and most importantly served as an introduction to The Agents Of The Crown.

After reading the letter and leaving the names of other members of the Society, the investigators followed Merriweather’s instructions and set up a meeting with Mycroft Holmes at the Diogenes Club.

During the meeting, Holmes, who was flanked by two Agents who he referred to as Henry Cavendish and Joseph Chapman, had a lot of information that he passed onto the investigators that covered several different topics. He gave them more information about the Agents of the Crown and informed them that one of their agents had already stepped in to save them in one event, he was of course referring to the appearance of Sir Francis Varney during the events of Case 005 – Eyes for the Blind whose appearance ensured that the investigators survived their encounter with David Smythe. Holmes informed the investigators that they could call upon the aid of The Agents whenever their cases involved the security of the Empire or the Royal Family and that it was his intention to have a member of The Agents working as part of their group, to help keep him abreast of developments.

Other information that Holmes passed on to the investigators at this meeting included the knowledge that both Shemus Moriarty and Simon Masters were in fact one and the same person and that he was an agent of Smythe.

Holmes also informed the investigators that Dorian Gray, a member of The Chapel of Contemplation had at one time been a member of The Agents of the Crown, but had defected several years ago and that it was the task of Varney to try to track him down and bring him in.

The investigators showed the Astrological Chart that Alastar had acquired during the Case 001 – The Haunting way back in the early part of 1890. After a diligent perusal of some notes in a file, Holmes informed the investigators that chart showed a convergence of the planets in a great cross and that the date of the cross was due to occur at some point during August 1999, just after a solar eclipse.

The investigators asked Mycroft if he could accede on their behalf to get the The Freemasons to remove their control over them, which Mycroft did, although he informed them that there would be two conditions attached to their emancipation. The first was that they were not to ask Scotland Yard for aid in their endeavours, though Mycroft did inform them that it was still fine to contact both Inspector Giles Lestrade and Inspector Harrison Craddock who were loyal to him. It was noted that the upper echelons of Scotland Yard was effectively controlled by the Masons. The second condition was that Nigel Stander had requested that they perform a service to him at some point in the near future.

A copy of the information that Mycroft held on David Smythe was also requested by the investigators, which was promptly provided by him.



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