Chapel of Contemplation


Not much is yet known about the Chapel of Contemplation, or the Chapel of Contemplation & Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets to give it its full title. It is known that Walter Corbitt was indeed a member and that the mysterious fugitive Reverend Michael Thomas is an active member, though his whereabouts are presently unknown.

A series of papers were found in the possession of Walter Corbitt, but unfortunately they proved too fragile to be taken, however Alasdair Maloney did recognise the top sheet as an astrological star chart and managed to memorise its features. Although linked in some way to the Chapel of Contemplation, it is not yet understood what the significance of the chart is.

Due to conversing with Sir Francis Varney, the investigators are aware that the mysterious Dorian Gray is a member of the Chapel of Contemplation and that he has been trying to enlist David Smythe into their ranks.

Chapel of Contemplation

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