Journal of Colleen McCabe

Language: English (requires English roll due to illegibility)
Author: Colleen McCabe
SAN Loss: 0/1D3
Cthulhu Mythos: +1
Reading Time: 1 Week
Spells: None

The journal only begins in the year 1887, shortly before McCabe had arrived in London. The writing style is very scruffy (almost illegible) and the grammar is somewhat childlike, as if the author had only recently learnt how to read and write.
She does however, write a little about her background, telling how she was born in poverty in the slums of Dublin, the child of an Irish mother (and part time streetwalker) and a British tar. Her father used her mother, discarding the hapless woman when he tired of her and leaving to return to the sea. He was never seen again. Colleen’s mother developed an insane hatred of the English as a result of this experience – more so even than normal for an Irish citizen of the day. She later taught Collen, after her birth, to hate the English as much as she did. Growing up under the hardship she and her mother faced, however, strengthened the young girl’s will. She grew up hard and ruthless, determined to take what she wanted in life – and to hell with anyone who stood in her way.
Colleen made up for her lack of formal education with an innate shrewdness and an evil cunning, possibly inherited from her father. She also inherited enough of her mother’s good looks to follow her into the family ‘business’. She was better looking than preety much all of the lower class streetwalkers in competition with her, and with her ruthless streak, she managed to not only stay ahead, but to save up enough to allow her finally to leave Ireland for the capital of the hated British Empire – London.
For young Colleen had a goal. Her mother had been raised by her parents to believe in the existence of dark forces that could someday be utilised against one’s enemies. They had followed the beliefs of the ancient Celts who’d inhabited all the British Isles centuries before, although it was devoid of the real Druidic power. But this influence, passed down through her mother, caused Colleen, too, to believe in the existence of these forces. Even more, it instilled in her the desire to learn how to use them against her enemies – the English.
When her mother died, the young McCabe vowed on her mother’s deathbed to find those forces and use them to destroy the English from within. The best place to start was their own capital – for in the hotbed of corruption seething in London’s poorer districts, if one couldn’t find dark forces, they were not to be found.

June 8th, 1888
Have made it to this evil place. Got myself a flat in whitechapel, in flower and dean street. Got in touch with a guy works for the professa e says. Will get to work tomorrer.

June 10th, 1888
picked up a fat, little man, owns a book shop. e was drunk, babbling about a book of power at is shop going to make im rich he says. Strangelled im with my garter belt, e was already passed out, nicked is key and rifled is shop for books and is money. Strange looking book revelasions of glaky or something recon it will work. Dumped is body in the sewers, recon it will wash up in the tames.

June 13th, 1888
This book is ard going but I will stik at it. I can even feel its power.

June 14th, 1888
met this professa, e scares me, but e says e likes me goin to take an intrest in me, elp me with my letters and stuff. Wants me to be a set of eyes and ears on the street for im, in return for his protecshun. Didernt tell im about the books

July 19th, 1888
one of the books countnance of evil taut me to contact creaturs that live in the sewers. Dogmen they are called Ghouls. I found out from them that they are the ones hoo steel peeple in the night the vanishings as they are known. Came to a deal with them, let them fuck me in return for them to take care of peeple that I want gone.

The next several entries catalogue how McCabe, along with her Ghoul allies eliminates some of her rivals, killing both men and women that stand in her way. She becomes somewhat educated by Professor James Moriarty and her writing reflects this, telling him of any information that he finds interesting for his business dealings and grows to become fairly powerful in his organisation, though she knows not to be too greedy for power under him and bides her time.
She makes contact with several of the Irish based in the East End, including one, who calls himself Clay, who is working on trying to free Ireland from the yoke of English oppression. Seeing in him something of a kindred spirit, she regularly gives him money to help fund with his planned uprisings. She however, sees Clay as something of a diversion and plans to offer him up as a sacrifice if she runs into any serious difficulty.
During the course of the journal, she constantly refers to a Mary Kelly, with whom she is having a great deal of trouble with. Kelly is also quite high in Moriarty’s affections and although they both share common ground (both are Irish), they do see each other as rivals. However, McCabe fears that Kelly’s disappearance by the Ghouls may well lead to undue attention from Moriarty and so she bides her time.
When the Ripper murders begin, she is genuinely afraid for the first time in her life. She isn’t afraid for her safety though, but fears that she may end up on the Ripper’s knife before she gets chance to complete her own work.

October 9th, 1888
I met him, the Ripper. I knew it, he’s a fancy toff. A baronet or something. Danielson is his name. I thought I was a gonner, his creature about to slice me up good and proper, but I convinced him not to.
He’s powerful, reckon he could teach me stuff, the books are much easier to read after the Professor taught me my letters properly and Danielson can teach me more.
We made a deal, Id provide him with victims and my Ghouls will dispose of the remains and hell teach me more magik.
I watched how Danielsons creature tore Prissy Paula to pieces, they will be useful indeed. I think that Kelly bitch needs to go on a date with a certain fancy toff, but well get to her soon enough.

November 3rd, 1888
Danielson knows less than he said, the man cant teach me anything. Its getting annoying, im keeping up my end of the bargain but he fails to do his part. I knew it, its because hes English. I think its time he met Kelly and my Ghouls may just have to accidentally not clean up, reckon that this will send a message.

November 8th, 1888
Set up a meeting between Kelly and Danielson for tomorrow night. Pretended to bury the hatchet, told her that I had a meeting with a wealthy toff who had a like for Irish girls. Told her that he was willing to pay a lot, she fell for it, stupid bitch.

November 9th, 1888
Kelly is dead, the Ripper really did a number on that silly bitch, Moriarty is not too pleased though and has set Moran the task of hunting the Ripper down, if there’s anyone that could catch him it will be Moran. Should I warn him, probably best not, no matter who they are, men always like to underestimate me.

November 10th, 1888
What the hell? Danielson went beserk, blaming me that the Ghouls hadnt done their part in cleaning up his mess. I told him that they couldnt get into the flat where Kellys body was, what were they to do? He calmed down, he realised it was his fault, but I soothed him and told him not to worry, hed sent a message, but he was scared, he knew that now everybody would be after him and he decided he was going to leave. I couldnt talk him out of it, he wouldnt see that everything would be fine, so I made him promise to bring me back something nice and powerful, seeing as he hadnt kept his promise and hadnt taught me anything.

Throughout the remainder of 1888 and throughout 1889 and 1890, McCabe slowly builds her power up, enticing an increasing number of girls to work for her. She is very careful to not build up too quickly but is content to bide her time. She continues to be a favourite of Moriarty’s and also works her charms on Colonel Sebastian Moran, Moriarty’s right hand man.
Those girls that come to work for McCabe are subjected to a ritual where they are forced to have sex with a Ghoul. She is very careful to make sure that they don’t see the Ghoul as the girl is tied to her bed before the Ghoul enters. At the end of the ritual, the Ghoul make a light scratch down the girl’s lower back. This is so the Ghouls will always be able to tell that the girl is one of McCabe’s by her scent. The scent of the Ghouls cannot be washed off, but neither can it be picked up by humans, but the Ghouls can still smell it and even track it down if necessary. The occasional girl that has tried to defect from McCabe has found this out to her cost.
In 1891, disaster strikes as Moriarty was killed by Sherlock Holmes, and although initially McCabe thought that she could benefit from Moran being in charge, she soon realised that this was a mistake as Moran was quickly ousted from power by David Smyth.
Since 1891 she has stayed fairly quiet, slowly building, but trying to ensure that she does not attract the attention of Smyth. Whilst Moriarty was ruthless, he was still a man and could be figured out. Smyth is something different, also at this time her Irish congtact Clay stopped calling on her and she fears that he may have fallen under the control of Smyth. She briefly considered an alliance with an Irish criminal calling himself Shemus Moriarty, but quickly decided against it, the man was not well respected in the underworld and in any case he also disappeared in 1892, word has it that Smyth got him and turned him into something very wrong, something less than human.
Meanwhile, McCabe continues to read her books becoming more and more powerful in the process.

June 19th, 1893
Now this truly is power. I tried to cast a spell to contact a being called Y’golonac. I dont know if it went wrong, or worked too well, but it somehow possessed me. I could feel it take over me, could see my body changing into a huge bloated thing with no head and giant maws in the hands.
Y’golonac told me to worship it, to become its priestess and it will protect me and will help me to achieve my dreams. It lives for chaos and defilement.

July 20th, 1893
Got attacked tonight, a group of thugs, reckon they may have been sent by Smyth, they died screaming as Y’golonac tore them apart, eating them and draining them. The feeling of power is such a rush.

August 29th, 1893
So he’s returned has he? Just like that from out of nowhere, after five years he returns. He seemed different somehow, colder, more powerful than he was before. He gave me an amulet that he’d picked up from somewhere called Ponape, over in the far East I think. Said he’d picked it up on his travels, bought it off an odd fish-eyed sea captain or something.
He also returned to tell me that he had no need of my help anymore and that he would kill and feed upon who he pleased from now on and as long as I stayed out of his way and didn’t let on that I knew who he was then that would be fine, otherwise it would be time for my long overdue ‘appointment’ with the Ripper.
I laughed and told him that he wasn’t dealing with the same scared girl that he’d met five years ago, he wasn’t the only one to be more powerful and I let Y’golonac take over, he persuaded him to go back to our previous arrangement and that a pathetic Psychic Vampire was not really of much concern.
Danielson could not have agreed any quicker. Maybe he has some magic that he can still teach me, though to be honest I doubt it.

August 31st, 1893
Set the Ripper to work tonight, told him that we’d do things like before, that my Ghouls would clean up after him again and that everything would be alright. So I set him up with that foul mouthed Lori Vice, the stupid bitch had been shooting her mouth off one too many times.
And so it’s back to the good old days of 1888, though now things are better. He carved her up good and proper, but ooops I forgot to tell my Ghouls to go and retrieve the body. Told Danielson that they’d been interrupted, but I think it’s better to send a message out, already decided that the Ripper’s next victim will be her pretentious cronie Macaroni Millie.

August 25th, 1893
It’s just as I predicted, Ripper fever has hit the streets of London again, the police are so desperate that they’ve even turned back to that idiot Abberline. Of course they’re playing things down, saying that it may be a one off copycat or something and that it’s not the Ripper. I think when they find Millie that they’ll be soon changing their minds.

August 31st, 1893
I’ve set Millie up with Danielson. The silly cow thinks that she’s meeting me so that she can join up as one of my girls. I think that she’ll serve a far better purpose though as the Ripper’s second victim. Announcing to the world that he’s back.

September 1st, 1893
The Ripper did his work well and the Ghouls accidentally yet again failed to clear up the mess.
I’ve heard that several people are hunting the Ripper, Lusk is back out on patrol again with his vigilantes and a detective named Barker is out to make a name for himself too apparently, reckons that with Holmes dead, it would be good for the city in fact for the country to have someone reliable that they can turn to. Even claims that he’s going to donate the reward money to charity when he catches the Ripper. Good luck to him, we’ll see how he fares when the Ghouls are chasing him down.

September 3rd, 1893
One of my girls was approached by a couple of investigators in the early hours of the morning, they are looking into the latest Ripper murders, one apparently was a rather attractive toff named Jonathan, the other a dowdy woman of no consequence. They were asking after me and she told them that I could be found in the Mitre Tavern the following night. This has got me intrigued. I’m particularly looking forward to finding out who this Jonathan is, maybe he could become a useful contact in higher society, or possibly even a convert to Y’golonac. At the very least he may prove to be an amausing distraction to be cast aside when I have no further use of him.
Jonathan didn’t meet me, he sent another couple of people. A Londoner named Bob who found out that he’d been pickpocketed and an Asian woman, at least I think it was a woman. I told them that I wasn’t interested in talking to them and that I would meet Jonathan the following night and that he was to come alone.

September 4th, 1893
Met Jonathan tonight, I like him a lot, maybe not all Englishmen are bad, though I bet he’s the exception that’ll prove the rule. We went out for dinner and I could tell that he wanted more than just information on the Ripper. Well what the hell, it’s good to mix business and pleasure sometimes.
Brought him back to the flat where we fucked, first time in what feels like forever that I fucked someone because I just wanted to. Caught him looking through the bookcase and he asked if he could borrow Revelations, maybe, just maybe he could become a convert. Y’golonac wants him to read the book.
I don’t know or particularly care about the rest of his group, but I so hope that he will come round to Y’golonac it would be such a shame to have to kill him.

September 5th, 1893
Danielson appeared at the flat today, he needs a fresh victim, told him I’d set him up with a girl and that I’d give him the details later that night.
One of my girls told me of an independent named Lil that was thinking of joining, so I told her to tell her to meet Danielson the next evening. Just as I was about to head out of the Mitre Tavern to meet Danielson at the flat Jonathan arrived at the pub wanting to take me out again. It was a bit tricky, but I knew that my business with Danielson would only take a few minutes, so I left the pub, giving Jonathan my apologies and headed down an alley to contact one of my Ghouls. I gave him my key and told him to meet Danielson at my flat and then to return immediately to me at the alley, which he did.
Had another wonderful evening with Jonathan, I do so hope that he will convert to Y’golonac and I hated telling him that I couldn’t meet him the following night. After all I needed to provide an alibi for Danielson, no one will suspect that he is the Ripper, especially that nosy old bitch downstairs. In fact the only reason I let her live is so that she can provide an alibi for Danielson. She’ll see him enter the flat and probably see him leave too, with Lil’s murder taking place in between.

Journal of Colleen McCabe

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