Serpent People

They walked lithely and sinuously erect on pre-mammalian members, their pied and hairless bodies bending with great suppleness. There was a loud hissing of formulae as they went to and fro. – Clark Ashton Smith, ‘The Seven Geases’


They resemble upright serpents, with ophidian heads and scales, but with two arms and legs. They possess tails and in their great days often dressed in robes. Yig is the greatest god of the serpent people, for he is the father of all snakes. Some blasphemers instead chose to pray to Tsathoggua in ancient times, but they were destroyed by a vengeful god millions of years ago.
The serpent people’s first kingdom – Valusia – flourished before even dinosaurs walked the Earth, some two hundred and seventy-five million years ago. They built black basalt cities and fought wars, all in the Permian era or before. They were then great sorcerers and scientists, and devoted much energy to calling forth dreadful demons and brewing potent poisons. With the coming of the dinosaurs two hundred and twenty-five million years ago, the first kingdom fell, and serpent people retreated in strongholds far underground, the greatest of which was Yoth. In these times the serpent people became great scientists as well, able to manipulate life itself.
In human prehistory the serpent people raised their second kingdom at the centre of the Thurian continent. It fell even more rapidly than the first Valusia, overthrown this time by humans, who later claimed the land as their own. Again and again the serpent people retreated before the human hordes until their last citadel of Yanyoga was destroyed in 10,000 BC.
A few lurking sorcerers survive, as do pockets of dwarfed Degenerate Serpent People. These diminutions are likely to include an occasional atavistic, fully capable serpent person who is still favoured by Yig.
In addition there are certain hibernating serpent people – the sleepers – who have rested for thousands of years or more. On occasion these serpent people wake, to humanity’s regret. This third class of serpent people is typically more powerful than their lurking brothers, and often know great sorcery.
Serpent people may use all weapons known to man, clutching them effectively in taloned hands. In hand-to-hand combat, the Bite attack can be made simultaneously with most weapon attacks.
A common spell among them is an illusion which transfers the caster’s appearance into that of a normal human, allowing him to mingle in human society.

First encountered during the events of Case 012 – Plant Y Daer.

Serpent People

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