Y'golonac - Great Old One

He saw why the shadow on the frosted pane yesterday had been headless, and he screamed. As the desk was thrust aside by the towering naked figure, on whose surface still hung rags of the tweed suit, Strutt’s last thought was an unbelieving conviction that this was happening…but before he could scream out his protests his breath was cut off, as the hands descended on his face and the wet mouths opened in their palms.- Ramsey Campbell, Cold Print

Y’golonac is delineated in the Revelations of Glaaki, an arcane book. It is a bloated, glowing figure who purportedly dwells underground in a vast ruin behind a wall of bricks. The prison may be near the Severn Valley city of Brichester, for it is known to frequent that place. It is a minor god, but malignant.

Y’golonac has little cult, but strives mightily after more worship, entrapping those who are subtly evil to be his priests. Y’golonac’s notion of evil seems to be a shallow one, however.

Y’golonac may appear to be a normal, somewhat neurotic and flabby human. When he manages to contact a person that is debased in evil, the victim is possessed and absorbed by the deity, and thereafter his shape can change at will from the form of the possessed individual to Y’golonac’s true form – glowing, headless, naked and huge, with wet mouths opening in the palms of its hands.


First encountered during the events of Case 008 – The Return Of The Ripper.

Y'golonac - Great Old One

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